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Caribbean Chicken Wings


Nonstick aluminum foil
3 lb chicken wings (or drumettes)
Olive oil cooking spray
2 teaspoons sazón tropical (or total) seasoning
1/2 cup chicken wing sauce
1/2 cup mango jam
2 teaspoons Pickapeppa (or Worcestershire) sauce
1 lime, for juice


  1. Preheat oven to 450°F. Line large baking sheet with foil. Place wings on pan; coat chicken with spray and sprinkle with seasoning. Place in oven on middle rack; bake 10–12 minutes, turning wings halfway through cook time, or until chicken is 165°F. Remove wings from oven; increase heat to broil.
  2. Combine remaining ingredients (except lime juice). Reserve one-third of the sauce for final coating. Brush wings with one-half of the remaining sauce; broil 3–4 minutes.
  3. Turn wings over and brush with other half of sauce; broil 3–4 more minutes or until browned.
  4. Coat chicken with reserved sauce. Squeeze lime juice over wings and serve.